Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter Update

We have been very busy since we returned from Christmas Break!  Your students have come far this year and I am looking forward watching them continue to grow.  I wanted to give you a few updates and reminders that are  important:

Agendas - your student will be completing a more detailed agenda every day.  Please take the time to look at that and sign it for them every day.  It will include due dates on assignments.  If there is not a date the assignment was either done in class and already graded or it must be turned in the following morning.

Agenda markings -

  • if an item is circled it means that your child did not finish it and they should be working on it as homework, 
  • if they have a check mark next to an item it means it is completed, 
  • if it is crossed out it means we did not get to it that day.

The purpose of this change is to help facilitate better communication between school and home about what happens daily in class.  This will help your student to remember what the assignments were for each subject.

Weekly Homework
Please remember that your student has several items that are homework each week, due on Friday or the last day of the school week in the event of  short weeks.

  • Math packet
  • Spelling words - written five times and sentences written one time 
  • Write with Me Journal 

Upcoming at home assignment
Your students will be bringing home an assignment for an atom project this week, please be looking for it no later than Tuesday.