Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wow! Where has the time gone?

This happens every year!  We get back from Christmas Break and the next thing I know we are at the end of April!  Your kids have been working so hard and we have covered a lot of material in the past few months.  We just finished our musical "Jungle Book" and are preparing for our Spring Showcase, the date is on the school calendar.  Your students will be graduating from the Grammar School at this event, so make sure you make plans to attend this monumental step in a classical education. 

We are very busy from now until the end of the school year!  Here is a rundown of what we have coming up:
  • Math - we will  continue with our study of decimals.  We will be rounding decimals this week and then begin our study of the four operations of decimals for the next several weeks.
  • Literature - we have begun Treasure Island!  This is a fun book for the students to read.  I have given a map project that will be due on Friday, I hope your students have shared the requirements with you.  (I don't have an electronic copy of the assignment, so make sure to ask your child for it.)
  • History - MY FAVORITE UNIT!  We are learning about the American Revolution and will move right into the Constitution and Early American Presidents to finish the year.
  • Science - We will do an Electricity Day at the end of the school year as a full day for this finial science unit.

We will have an auction in 2 weeks.  I  will send out an email with more details very soon.