Sunday, September 7, 2014

It is Time to Get Rolling!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!   I like to send emails on Sunday evening to update you on what is happening for the upcoming week.  I don't always do it on Sunday, but I do most weeks.  I will also update the blog on Sunday if I have something to communicate that I want to stay available easily.  Following is what you can expect this week:
  1. Homework - I will be sending home our first homework packet there are 4 math pages and an at home reading assignment.  Please help your students budget their time so they don't get overwhelmed with homework.  It is due on Friday.
  2. Dictation and Write with Me Journal - your student will have a journal in their binder each week that has two homework assignments in  it.  The first is an at home writing assignment that is due on Friday.  Please read these with your students, they offer a lot of insight into your growing students thoughts.  Last year my parents thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to have great conversations.  The second part is their dictation words (spelling).  Students need to write the worlds 5 times and the sentences 1 time.  I will check these on Friday.
  3. Division - I am going to send a division packet home with every student.  This is a basic division review that should be easy for kids, unless they have not had division.  Have your student keep this in their traveling binder, as I get some help from parkas (about 3 weeks from now) I can have them help kids.  In the meantime please work with your students to make sure they can do these problems and learn these strategies.  This will be due the end of October.
What we will learn first:
  • Math - we will be reviewing place value and moving to the millions and hundred millions
  • Grammar - prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • Literature - elements of a story
  • Excellence in Writing - setting up our lap book and key word outlining
  • Science - circulatory system
  • Greek & Latin - our first 3 roots
  • Handwriting - reviewing and fine tuning our cursive
  • Sayings and Phrases - As the crow flies
Fridays are test days in 4th grade.  You can expect that your student will have a math, dictation, Greek & Latin (in about 3-4 weeks) and grammar test every Friday.  We do try to schedule other tests that day as well.  This is a good way for us gauge how they are doing and plan for the upcoming week accordingly.

As you can see, 4th grade is jam packed with fun!  I can't wait to get started!